Samsung To Abandon Windows Phone By The End Of Next Year?


Remember the rumor about Samsung abandoning Android for its own future Linux OS based on Bada? Here’s a follow-up rumor: on the same note, Samsung is allegedly going to ditch Windows Phone too at the end of 2012.

Of course, this is just as big of a rumor as the Android one and you need to treat it accordingly. We find it very hard to believe Samsung would drop Android, the OS that made Samsung what it is today in the mobile world. We also find it very hard to believe that the manufacturer would drop Windows Phone, the “alternative” platform (as Bada is not present at a global rate). If the Google-Motorola deal would be, according to rumors, the reason behind dropping Android, the Microsoft-Nokia deal would be the one causing Samsung to drop Windows Phone.

Microsoft and Nokia announced the strategic alliance for quite some time now and both companies said that ecosystem innovation as the fruit of the alliance would benefit all OEMs. Samsung had some great devices with the Focus and Omnia 7 (except for the memory glitches that made updates difficult) but it looks like we’ll have one or two more until they stop completely, if the rumors turn out to be true.

Source: SamFirmware (1)(2)

Via: 1800PocketPC

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