How to Surf the Web Without a Data Connection (T-Mobile)


When the Internet was invented (no, not by Al Gore), unlike traditional data networks which sent data as a contiguous stream, a packet-based delivery system was implemented. Your data, just like an order from, is split into lots of packages, called “packets”. These packets are then sent via the fastest route from the source to the destination.

Depending on what technology is being used, those packets might be very small, or relatively large, but they’re still just a bunch of puzzle pieces that get put back together and turned into anything from a chat conversation, to a movie stream, or a web page once they reach your computer or smartphone.

What else uses “packets” to transmit small amounts of data? Text messages! But is it possible to route web packets to your smartphone using SMS/MMS? With a new app called Smozzy, you can!

According to the developer, Smozzy works just like your Android’s built-in browser, but the content is requested and delivered entirely via text messages (SMS and MMS). If you’ve got an unlimited messaging plan, but don’t have a data plan, this app could give you a way to surf the web without forking over a chunk of money every month.

There are some limitations. The app currently only works with T-Mobile USA, and uses a LOT of SMS/MMS messages (so don’t try it unless you’re on an unlimited messaging plan). SMS/MMS also have a fairly high “latency”, so surfing could be slower than you’re used to. It’s also currently in beta and has only been tested only on Nexus S and HTC G2 devices. All that aside, surfing the web via text messaging sounds very interesting.

A side-benefit to text messages is that they tend to “reach further” than traditional data and even voice service, so this method could be used to extend “data” coverage to previously uncovered areas.

If you’ve got the right setup and want to give Smozzy a try, we’d love to hear about yoru experiences in the comments below!

Download from the Android Market

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