Samsung Abandoning Android For Its Own Future Linux OS?


Here’s a rumor which could really go both ways: Samsung is, according to rumors, preparing to ditch Google’s Android mobile platform and replace it with its own (future) Linux-based operating system. How’s that for a rumor?

Apparently, the Korean phone-maker is not so happy with the recent Google-Motorola deal and they don’t seem to be happy with the Microsoft-Nokia deal either. While this is all speculation based on a rumor, Samsung might rethink its strategy as the manufacturer doesn’t firmly believe it can compete with Google-Motorola and Microsoft-Nokia. Ditching Windows Phone might not be a huge hit on Microsoft and Samsung but cutting Android loose could indeed be a body check for both Google and the phone maker.

The ‘Samsung dropping Android’ rumor started “between one family member who apparently works for Samsung and a relative” who thought it was important for the information to get out. Could this be verified? No. Could this be feasible? Yes. Could it have a huge impact on Samsung? Definitely!

Sammy is afraid Google would offer its full attention to Motorola now and treat the American manufacturer as the preferred one. Apparently, the Korean company doesn’t think it can compete with that and is considering Bada 3 as an alternative. Steve Kondik (of CyanogenMod) is already hired with Samsung for his knowledge and the company is reportedly considering a Linux-based operating system at the core of its own Bada platform.

The real question is: why would Samsung turn its back on the very platform that made it the number two (and climbing) phone-maker in the world? Will the market accept one more mobile platform? Wouldn’t it be too late to the game? Would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S III running Bada 3?

Source: AndroidSpin

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