More on HTC Titan and Radar: Dock, Video Chat, WiFi Sharing, More


The new HTC Titan and Radar are causing quite the stir among Windows Phone 7 fans: they’re the first devices to usher in the era of Windows Phone Mango. Not only that, but they also bring forth front-facing cameras, brawny hardware (especially in the case of the Titan with its 1.5GHz CPU and massive 4.7″ display), and svelte designs.

A lot of smaller details about these two devices are surfacing. Here’s a round-up of what we’re learning:

1. Internet sharing


At the last minute, Microsoft was able to add internet sharing to Mango so that you can use your phone as a WiFi hotspot. This feature will be made available to HTC’s two new Windows Phones, but it will not be a feature made available for older HTC hardware like the HD7 and Surround. Given that WiFi sharing is a software feature, and not hardware, we’re likely to see the development community come up with a way to get legacy hardware up to speed with this feature.

2. Dock accessory


The Titan and Radar will have an optional dock accessory for use when charging your phone while at work or home. When you insert the device into a cradle, you’ll see a special dock application that will display the time, weather, provide multimedia controls, and over shortcuts to certain programs.

3. New slogan for Windows Phone

Are you ready for an ambush of marketing for the second generation of Windows Phone 7? As as a preview, they’ll have a new tagline: Put People First. Take a look at the above walkthrough video which makes mention of this new slogan.

4. Attentive phone settings, video chat

As with HTC Android phones, the new HTC Windows Phones have courtesy features, that will, for example, silence your phone if you turn it on its face while it’s ringing, or ring louder when it’s in your bag. This is done through a new screen in Settings.

Regarding video chat, there’s a third-party service out there called Tango, which offers cross-platform video chat, even in Windows Phone 7. Within the next few days, we’re likely to hear from Microsoft on a native video chat solution for Windows Phone, likely to be powered by Skype.

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