Android Application Weekly 2 Sep 2011


In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that will keep you entertained, allow you to search for elegant photos and images, and watch clips from your favorite Cartoon Network shows. To download these directly to your Android smartphone or tablet just take a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner or click on the app title link to be taken directly to the Android Market.

Word Search Unlimited – A free application


If you need to waste a little bit of time, a great way to do that is by playing a work search. Word Search Unlimited is an easy to use word search game. Just drag your finger across the letters of the puzzle to select which word you have found. If you become stumped click the hint button to have a highlighted word appear on the screen.


Super Dynamite Fishing – A lite and $1.39 full version


Float around on your boat across ponds, rivers and seas full of fish and catch them using a large surplus of dynamite! Pay your daily bills and save some money for the most luxurious ships and most dangerous weapons. Watch out for the bird because they will swoop down and steal your fish.

Super Dynamite Fishing FREE

DroidIris – A free application


DroidIris produces and elegant way to search for photos and images using many image search engines. Just search for a particular word or item and DroidIris will render the images in an artistic manner. Select an image to save it to your Android smartphone or share with others.


Flood It – A free application


While Flood It is a simple enough game in theory, to master it is quite challenging. The object of the game is to convert colored tiles from one color to another to try and end with only one color on the game board before the set number of moves are exhausted.

Flood It!

Cartoon Network – A free application


If you are kid at heart or have kids of your own, Cartoon Network will help to keep you entertained. This app delivers some of the best clips from your favorite Cartoon Network shows. Stream the clips from your Android or use the schedule tab to see when your favorite shows will be broadcasted.

CN Video

Live Wallpaper – Super Mario A free LWP

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