Use Wi-Fi to Unlock Your Android


Being in the industry that I’m in makes me more aware of what can be done using technology than others who simply use the technology. To keep myself protected I’ve had some sort of a screen-lock on my computers, laptops, and smartphones as long as I can remember. True, some have called me paranoid, but it’s a label I welcome.

Those screens used to be unlocked by tapping in cumbersome passwords using a stylus, followed by PIN codes. Luckily with Android, we now have pattern unlockers that are significantly faster to unlock, but are still inconvenient.

To solve that, one app developer challenged the accepted “unlocking” convention: one typically only needs to lock their phone when they’re among strangers, not at home. Using this logic, he wrote an app that turns off your lockscreen while you’re under a trusted Wi-Fi bubble. That by itself is pretty cool, but he didn’t stop there. Using the same logic, other events can be automated based on your location.

I’ve tried many other apps that let you set up rules for turning things on or off depending on your location, but they’re usually quite complicated and very cumbersome. This app, however, makes turning GPS, Bluetooth, and syncing on or off when you leave (or when you arrive) as easy as checking a box (for each, of course).

The paid version of the app will run US$4, which is well worth the amount of time (and battery life) you’ll save by using it. If you’re a little shy of the price, there is also a free version in the Market if you’d like to try it before you buy it.

Download from the Android Market

Remember, just because you aren’t paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you!

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