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Just last week we brought you up to speed on What’s new in CyanogenMod, the insanely popular custom ROM for Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Yesterday Kmobs, one of the “core” developers on the CyanogenMod team, felt that it was time to go-on record about the state of CyanogenMod ROM, after all, it’s been almost two months since the first release candidate of CM7.1 was announced.

Kmobs starts out by dispelling some rumors that have been floating around the Internet:

– CyanogenMod’s core philosophy has not changed

– CyanogenMod has not been sold (to Samsung or anyone else)

– the CyanogenMod team has not “given up”

– Samsung has not forced Cyanogen to halt development on the project (more on that in a minute)

The pace at which full-versions (or even release candidates) have been released has slowed –significantly. Why? There are only a “handful” of people that can approve changes for CyanogenMod, even though there are a lot of developers working on the project. The reasoning for this delay is because the core team has “been busy and real life responsibilities come before this project”.

It’s interesting to see what “real-life responsibilities” are for the core team:

– Cyanogen was hired by Samsung to make their products “more awesome”

– ChrisSoyars was hired by Grooveshark

– Koush is spending a lot more time developing his DeskSMS and ROM Manager apps, as well as ClockworkMod recovery image

– Kmobs has started back to school and is beginning his medical school interviews

To help get more “stable” releases out, CyanogenMod is now in what’s called a “soft feature-freeze” so the existing code can be finalized and another CM7.1 RC can be released. In short, new features are pretty much on-hold pending the final release of CM 7.1.

All in all, CyanogenMod still is a viable option as custom ROMs go, and we should be seeing feature-complete updates coming out very soon. Just don’t ask them for an ETA.

Source: CyanogenMod Blog

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