Android Ice Cream Sandwich To Be Optimized For Texas Instruments?


Google‘s Android platform was well known for not setting out any hardware requirements throughout the years and versions and not taking sides. This was part of their policy for openness as well as to combat fragmentation. According to the recent rumors, this might change once Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich comes out.

Texas Instruments SOCs are rumored to be the ones favored by Google’s next generation Android platform. It will be allegedly optimized for TI-OMAP chips, more in the way Gingerbread and Honeycomb went hand in hand with nVidia’s Tegra2 SOC. Going one step further, you can even hear Qualcomm being whispered as the choice for the letter J iteration of Android.

An anonymous source close to the manufacturing industry in Taiwan told RCR Wireless that “TI are just so reliable. If they say they’ll have something done by Tuesday, it’s done on Tuesday, and it’s done right”. Another source is trying to explain how things really are: “Google isn’t doing this to give each chip firm a turn, it is being purely utilitarian in choosing which platforms to optimize for, going for the ones it thinks are best at any given time”.

If you think of it a bit, it could be applied to Google flagship smartphones too. First there was the Nexus One made by HTC, then the Nexus S made by Samsung and apparently Google things the moment’s best would be LG for the upcoming Nexus 3, as birds are recently chirping.

Source: RCR Wireless

Via: The Droid Guy

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