Is the ‘Cheaper’ iPhone Replacing Glass With Plastic?


Rumors of an upcoming, cheaper iPhone have been circulating all over since Apple’s own Tim Cook stated that Apple would pursue a lower price iPhone. Ever since, there were a ton of speculations regarding the specs and materials this cheaper iPhone would be made of. Today, we get a hint that Apple might replace the glass with plastic.

What you see above and below looks exactly like the white iPhone 4. As a matter of fact, it really is the white iPhone 4 but if you look at the image below, you’ll see that the flash and the portion of the material illuminated by it doesn’t seem to reflect light the way glass does.

The pictures come from Vietnam — are related to the person that leaked the iPhone 4 back in May last year — and according to the description attached to them, the device itself feels faster and also much lighter. We know that Apple is planning on upgrading the processor found on the iPhone 4 to a more powerful one — and maybe add some more memory — but the weight change appears to be due to changing the materials.

Getting back to the light reflection, the front and the back of the phone seem to be made out of plastic instead of glass. That would explain both the reduced weight of the device as well as a lower price point, since glass — white or black — is a rather expensive component to build your chassis upon.

cheap iphone back2

Plastic is easy to scratch and we know that from the days of the resistive displays on our smartphones, regardless of what plastic we’re talking about. Replacing the back of the phone with plastic can be possible but it can’t be achieved fully on the front of the device, except for the rather impossible scenario according to which Cupertino will change the screen too.

Other than that, not much else is known and all you see and read here is subject to speculation. The closer we get to that rumored September launch date, the rumor curtain will become more and more thick. Suppose this is a plastic iPhone, how much cheaper should it be so that you’d consider buying a “not so premium” Apple product?

Source: Tinhte

Via: PhoneArena

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