Apple App Picks 20 Jul 2011


In our first episode of the Apple App Picks we demonstrate five applications in 30 seconds each. These apps will keep you entertained, let you upload and download your photos to the Picasa server, and check your heart rate. To download these apps directly to your iPhone, just click on the title of the application and the iTunes software will automatically launch to the app in the App Store. If you have the free Google Search app installed on your iPhone just snap a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner that will launch the App Store on your iPhone.

AirPlayer – $4.99 full version, no trial available

airplayer (1)

With iCloud still in the future, one way to get your media to your iPhone is by connecting to a DLNA network. AirPlayer is a great app that has built in media codecs that allow you to stream your files from your network drive to your iPhone. There are even options that may be changed on the router that will allow for media sharing over a cellular network connection.


Hanging With Friends – A lite and $1.99 full version


Hanging, created by the same people that brought us Words With Friends, is a hangman style game in which you must guess and create challenging words for your friends. The object of the game is to avoid getting your balloons popped and fall into the lava. Create works that have many uncommon letters to try and stump your opponents.


MyPics – A $2.99 full version, no trial available


The MyPics app, in conjunction with Picasa, makes it easy to share, upload, and download photos directly from your iPhone. View all of your Picasa photos directly from your Picasa albums. Save your favorite photos to your iPhone and use them as wallpapers or other countless applications.


UrbanSpoon – A free application


If you like to try new things then you will really enjoy UrbanSpoon. The app makes it easy to find restaurants in your area. Just lock which setting you would like and shake your iPhone to have a random list of restaurants scroll across the screen. Connect with friends and other users of the UrbanSpoon app to meet up and share the restaurants found.


Instant Heart Rate – Lite and $0.99 full version


Instant Heart Rate is an innovative app that uses the same principle as a pulse oximeter that your doctor would use to check your pulse and oxygen saturation. The app works by distinguishing the change in color between a dark and light shift of color that occurs when your blood is more or less oxygenated. Check your heart rate on the fly by just putting your finger over the camera lens and using a light source to shine through your finger. This app works much better on the iPhone 4 because of the built in LED flash.


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