Grandfathered Unlimited Verizon Data Survives 3G-to-4G Transition


Last week, we heard about upcoming changes to Verizon’s wireless data offerings, supposedly doing away with unlimited data in favor of the currently-in-vogue tiered plans. Sure enough, a leak quickly confirmed those rumors while providing some details on what new plans would become available. While we bemoan the loss of “unlimited” data, Verizon, to its credit, has a pretty generous grandfathering policy it will be enacting, letting existing customers keep their unlimited plans even when getting new phones. The carrier has since clarified one major detail of this policy, letting customers transition from 3G to LTE while keeping their unlimited data.

The leaked documents showed that the big caveat for unlimited data grandfathering was adding a new line to your account. So long as you kept the lines you have, it looked like you’d be able to upgrade phones time after time without needing to switch to one of the new tiered plans.

Notably, these new tiers offer no differentiation between 3G and LTE data services, treating all data the same. This may be a key strategy of Verizon’s to entice adoption of LTE; so far, we’ve seen it charge premium prices for LTE Androids, perhaps to offset some of the data cost.

Since it wasn’t precisely spelled-out in this leak, a Verizon user turned to the company’s Twitter presence to see if you’d be able to go from an unlimited plan on a 3G phone now to unlimited LTE on a new phone, after the new plans took effect. Twitter responses may not be the most reliable way to get answers from companies, but so far, it looks like that answer’s a very affirmative “yes”. So, if you want unlimited Verizon LTE at some point in the future, but don’t dig the selection of LTE handsets right now, go ahead and sign up for unlimited 3G service, knowing you can switch-over later.

Source: Verizon

Via: Droid-life

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