Nokia Applying Apple-Style Secrecy Regarding Its Windows Phone


We don’t think anyone, anywhere can doubt the world’s largest (and number one for a very long time) phone manufacturer’s potential just as nobody can doubt the potential of Microsoft. We’re talking two giants here that have proven over time that they’re worthy of being number one.

Choosing Windows Phone — not over Android or webOS, but in general — as a newborn platform that hasn’t yet proven anything was a bold choice taken by Nokia that’s really betting anything on its last ace up its sleeve. And the Finnish manufacturer knows this very well as Symbian is no longer enjoying the popularity it once had.

So great hardware coming out of Espoo has to meet something revolutionary to be overwhelming to say the least, in order to get Nokia — and why not, Windows Phone — back on track. But they already have prototypes ready and they know exactly the direction they want to head to. And doing so, they’re learning from the best: Apple.

Cupertino is so good at building up the anticipation and buzz around its iPhones — and not only — that Nokia wants to adopt a similar strategy, so a phone could basically sell by itself — though Nokia needs a tad more but we know it can deliver.

“Affection and nostalgia don’t sell cellphones” seems to be the correct vision Nokia has and an employee talking to Slashgear said: “if we can build the same hype around our first Windows Phone as Apple does about iPhone…”

And they are trying! No Nokia Windows Phone news has been leaked in terms of renders, drawings, etc. except for the regular gossip and rumors. “The iron shutters are down around development – it’s ‘Apple-style’ secrecy right now” says a member of the product team.

We know Stephen Elop will do its best to try and minimize time between an actual announcement and the device availability. Knowing Mango will be out in autumn we can guess that Nokia will have to make an announcement anywhere between two weeks and one month prior to the Mango release. That would place the Nokia Windows Phone unveiling event around September but anything can happen, really. Bottom line is we don’t expect anything to be control-leaked but prepare for an avalanche that has started rolling down already.

Source: Slashgear

Via: PhoneArena

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