Comparison: HTC Touch HD and Toshiba TG01


With the upcoming announcement of Toshiba’s Snapdragon-based ]TG01 at Mobile World Congress, it’s natural for us to compare this new device with one that we already know. In this case, it’s the HTC Touch HD. Let’s see how they compare:


Touch HD: 3.8″ with 800×480 resolution (246ppi)

TG01: 4.1″ with 800×480 resolution (228ppi)

Comment: If you exclude devices like the HTC Athena, the TG01 has the largest screen of any handset we’ve seen to date. Because the resolution is the same across these two devices but the TG01 has a larger screen, there are fewer pixels per square inch. To the extreme this could mean a grainy image, but in this case where there is only a 7% difference in ppi, we expect the TG01 to have a sharp, crisp screen, like the Touch HD.


Touch HD: Qualcomm MSM7201A @ 528MHz

TG01: Qualcomm QSD2850 @ 1GHz

Comment: The #1 reason we haven’t seen a jump in CPU speeds in mobile devices is battery life. One of the pillars of the Snapdragon platform is its ability to manage battery life by changing the CPU clock speed in different scenarios.


See below (TG01 shown in purple from sizeasy.

Comment: The Touch HD is a big device. It’s not thick, but it’s big in the pocket (wide and tall). The TG01 is going to be even bigger, and this may be a deterring factor.

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