Mystery Phone Roundup: Motorola, HTC, and LG (Photos)


Here are a trio of phones that we know almost nothing about, but maybe you can help us with that. We apologize for the blurriness, but such is the territory when it comes to illicit handset photos. Please feel free to opine and theorize in the comments.


motorola mystery 2

This is probably the most interesting of the bunch, mainly because it appears to be so very thin — from the single profile shot, it looks like HDMI and microUSB housings are actually thicker than the main body of the device. At the bottom it definitely resembles the purported Droid Bionic shots we saw yesterday, as well as the Targa render from those website images Motorola requested that we remove — although it’s not clear if Targa and Bionic are one and the same. This could also be the mysterious Slimline, although the render we’ve seen of that handset seems to show a single connector on the bottom instead of a pair on the side.


htc mystery

HTC hasn’t been putting its brand on the bottom of handsets lately, making this one into something of a mystery; it certainly doesn’t look like any of the leaks we’ve seen for Holiday, Lead, Kingdom, or other known US-bound phone. The earpiece is reminiscent of the myTouch 4G and upcoming myTouch 4G Slide, but otherwise we don’t have much to go on here, either.


lg mystery

Finally we have an (unusually clear) shot of an unknown LG model: it looks a lot like the Optimus One variants, but doesn’t seem to match any of them 100%. It definitely seems to be a low- or mid-range model, as the company’s recent high-end devices have all adopted quite a different set of styling cues.

Update: As commenters here and elsewhere have pointed out, the HTC phone does indeed look a lot like the Merge, now on Verizon, Alltel, and Cellular South.

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