HTC Sensation Software Review (Video)


After finding the hardware to be typical-HTC (high quality, a bit of the same), we now take a much closer look at the software offering on the HTC Sensation, which comes packed with a lot of Sense 3.0 goodies.

The fun starts on the home screen, where HTC now gives you the ability to not only launch one of four apps without unlocking your phone, but you can also change the background of the lock screen to reflect the weather, stocks, social networks, photos on your device, or it can just display a simple clock. While we’re excited to see the lock screen have some functionality, it would be nice if it were more customizable. What if I want to have eight app shortcuts instead of four?

Then we jump into the home screens of Sense, of which you can have seven…no more, no less. As before, you can re-arrange your home screens if you pinch and go into the leap feature. Also new is an Spb Shell-like spinning carosoul effect that makes your home screens seem 3D. HTC went above and beyond with the visuals for their widgets, especially weather, where you even get sound effects to represent a certain weather condition.

Sense doesn’t stop there…it touches all built-in apps of the operating system. The application tray is now sub-divided, the mail application is fantastic, the contacts application takes full advantage of the qHD resolution of the Sensation, the notification tray now has two tabs, and so on.

Once again, HTC doesn’t fail to impress with their latest Sense UI offering on Android. It’s refined, complete, beautiful, and highly functional.

Coming up next we’ll compare the Sensation with the Galaxy S 2!

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