Microsoft Prints Marketplace Anti-‘Bulk Publishing’ Policy


If you’re a Windows Phone user, fan or just been following the news recently you’ve probably heard that the Windows Phone Marketplace is fighting a phenomenon of a truckload of apps being added. “In recent weeks a handful of companies have individually published hundreds of apps in a matter of a few days. We call this bulk publishing”, says Todd Brix from the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

Redmond acknowledges that these applications meet the standards and requirements for apps to be approved in the Marketplace but tens and hundreds of applications from the same developer degrade the overall user experience, and Microsoft doesn’t want that. To combat this phenomenon, effective immediately, Microsoft “is limiting the number of apps any one developer can have certified in a single day to 20. Developers creating a large number of apps can still submit all of them for certification, but they will be certified at a maximum rate of 20 per day rather than all at once”.

Also, Microsoft is reaching out to the individuals and companies that have been known for publishing bulks and offers to cooperate in order to “explore how they can better take advantage of the Windows Phone platform to improve the functionality of their apps and reduce the need for large numbers of similar apps”.

While there’s definitely an acknowledgement of a “problem” here, this might not put an end to the situation. Publishing 100 apps per day or 20 apps throughout a week still spams the Marketplace with — usually — lower quality apps that degrade the overall user experience. But this is the case with all application stores let it be Android Market or iTunes Appstore.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog

Via: WPCentral

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