Previously Leaked Google’s Next Nexus Smartphone Is A Fake


Everybody was excited about the leak we recently saw of an alleged upcoming Google Nexus smartphone (possibly the Nexus 3 to welcome Ice Cream Sandwich) but unfortunately we have to disappoint you and say we think it’s fake!

Take a look at the image above; it’s a zoomed in snapshot of the original image that was leaked. You can see how the shades the glass casts on the actual display end at one point, both left and right. The portion below the natural shaded screen is also much crisper sharper. It’s the point where we think the screen ended and Photoshop started. Most probably there was a part someone wanted to cover by enlarging the screen and “selling” the smartphone as an all-screen one.

Techhog’s findings — the site that actually ran the initial image — seems to support our beliefs. They managed to dig up a picture of allegedly the same smartphone as used in the purported Nexus 3 image and it appears to have, just like any regular smartphone, buttons at the bottom (and capacitive ones at that).

We’ll also tell you we think it’s an HTC Incredible S — or Incredible 2 — judging by the speaker grill on the top as well as the camera placement on the top-far-right.


Image: Techhog

Thanks: Karan

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