Nokia Preparing To Launch Two Windows Phones This Year


After yesterday’s Windows Phone Mango launch event, where we learned, among others, that first Nokia Windows Phone exist, are in testing and indeed run Mango, today we hear information that Nokia is preparing not one but two Windows Phones targeted for this year.

We knew from Stephen Elop himself that Nokia is doing its best to deliver at least one Windows Phone this year and it looks like they are still sticking to that. Reuters reports that “Taiwanese handset contract maker Compal Communications was the sole company to receive orders for Nokia’s Windows Phones and would start shipment in the fourth quarter”. There will allegedly be two smartphones: a slate and a QWERTY keyboard-enabled handset.

Talking to Forbes, Jo Harlow, Nokia’s head of Smart Devices, said “I’m quite pleased with our progress. Our target is absolutely still this year… and the target looks good”. Harlow also confirmed that the target is not referring to a single device but rather to a “small portfolio” of Windows Phones.

“One of the differentiations we intend to bring to the Windows Phone platform is hardware innovation. You will see that in our first devices and our future devices”, he continued. We somehow knew this since February when Microsoft announced that Nokia will not be your regular Windows Phone OEM, but much more than that. We also knew that all hardware partners involved will benefit from the innovation. At this point, Mango and Nokia Windows Phones can’t come soon enough!

Source: Forbes, Reuters

Via: MyNokiaBlog

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