Nine Smartphones To Be Launched At 5/24 Windows Phone Event?


On October 11, 2010, Steve Ballmer on stage announced nine Windows Phone smartphones and we refer to them as being Wave 1 devices. Now, more than 7 months after the Windows Phone event, rumor has it Microsoft will unveil an additional number of nine Windows Phones with the occasion of the May 24 Windows Phone Mango event, according to rumors.

An anonymous tipster told WMPowerUser about the plans for tomorrow where Microsoft will allegedly uncover nine smartphones to come out once Mango starts shipping. These Windows Phones are purportedly made by Samsung (four), HTC (two), Dell (one) and Acer (two). From the very beginning, this is a capital R post and please treat it accordingly.

Rumor also has it that one (at least) Samsung Windows Phone will be some sort of iteration of the Galaxy S II. Bringing the Super AMOLED Plus to Windows Phone 7 will definitely make such a smartphone one many would choose over the competition.

On the other hand, HTC was rumored to prepare a 16-megapixel camera phone which might see, if the rumors turn out to be true, the light of day tomorrow. It is called the HTC Bresson and it looks like it will come to T-Mobile but let’s not forget about the HTC Omega and Eternity, one of which would be the European (unbranded) variant of the Bresson — or else we’ll have three HTC devices coming.

On the Dell side of things we knew of a certain Dell Wrigley or the Venue Pro MLK which were the first two on the list of rumored and upcoming Dell Windows Phones. There’s not much known nor rumored about the alleged Acer Windows Phone but we know that Acer is planning on releasing a Windows Phone this year.

Let’s not forget about Nokia as it seems to be missing from the enumeration above. We definitely know that the Espoo company is trying hard to produce and release a Windows Phone for this year but we also know directly from Stephen Elop that Nokia will take another approach to announcing smartphones. They will dramatically decrease the time between the announcement and the availability so, even if there will be a Nokia Windows Phone this year, expect its announcement sometime in Q3, maybe beginning of Q4, depending on when Mango will be ready to ship.

Source: WMPowerUser

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