Huge Phone Displays: the Pros & Cons (Video)


There are a lot of people who have varying opinions about what screen size is best on their smartphones. This is absolutely understandable since there should not be a “one size fits all” mentality toward phones or anything for that matter, but what are some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with larger or smaller screen sizes?

Back in 2003, the early days of the smartphone, we had some very big devices with large screens. The large screens meant the keyboard was easier to use and buttons were nice and big. Everyone hated that because it made the device so big to carry in your pocket, so manufacturers moved to the tiny 2.8″ screens which made for nice and pocketable devices, but suddenly these on screen keyboards were too small.

Today we have the same issue except the size of the device is apparently less of a concern. These days, people do want big screens even if it means large phones and horrible one-handed usability. Take a look at the list and video below for a look at some pros and cons regarding huge phone displays.


1. Bigger keyboard

2. Easier to share photos/video

3. Gets attention from your friends

4. Easier to see more information



1. Difficult to reach interface elements on opposite sides of the screen while using one hand

2. Extra battery consumption

3. Larger in-pocket feel

4. Pixel density is lower (207ppi vs 217ppi on 4.3″)

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