What Could a High-End Amazon Tablet Mean for Android Smartphones?


Rumors have been flying that Amazon may be readying an Android-powered tablet. Some say the tablet will be based on another flavor of Linux. Where the rumors all seem to agree is that an Amazon tablet would be very powerful — potentially even quad-core. While pocketnow is not a tablet website, the thought of an Android-powered Amazon tablet could bring with it some seriously amazing smartphone benefits.

Barnes and Noble and Amazon both sell stuff, including eBooks. They both have eBook readers. Barnes and Noble have their Android-powered nook and nookColor. Amazon has their Kindles. Both have eBook reader apps for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Barnes and Noble’s nookColor is loved by techies who have rooted it and hacked it into being a full-blown tablet — not just an eBook reader.

In addition to eBooks Amazon also has a streaming music service and associated app. They have an Appstore that sells Android apps. They even have a video subscription and rental service for Amazon Prime members — which hasn’t made it to Android. Yet.

If Amazon is going the same route as Barnes and Noble, making an Android-powered version of their eBook reader, that would essentially be an Android-powered tablet — just like the nookColor. Why would Amazon need all the extra processing power?

Could Amazon be planning to bring video and TV rental to Android, possibly competing with Netflix?

Perhaps Amazon, like Sony, feels that Android is a great platform for gaming and could sell console-like games through their Appstore for playing on their new tablet.

If Amazon is prepping an Android-powered movie-watching, music-listening, eBook-reading, game-playing tablet, powered by Android, could those apps also come to high-end Android-powered smartphones?

Smartphones wouldn’t need all the extra processing power because their screens are smaller, and offering those services on your smartphone could mean you could start a game or a movie on your phone, then pick it up where you left off on your tablet.

Then again, it could all just be rumors.

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