Android Application Weekly 20 May 2011


In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that save some time at the amusement park, take and edit photos, and find out what is going on when you have an illness or condition. To download these directly to your Android smartphone or tablet just take a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner to be taken directly to the Android Market.

Bluetooth GPS – Trial and $1.53 full version


One really cool feature about Windows Mobile was having the ability to connect your smartphone to your computer and share the GPS connection. Bluetooth GPS for Android will share your devices GPS location with mapping and navigation programs on your computer. It works by sending the coordinates over a Bluetooth connection to a NMEA GPS application such as Microsoft Streets and Trips and Google Earth. Many boating enthusiasts will enjoy the ability to use their Android and computer instead of having to purchase another piece of GPS hardware while out at sea.

Bluetooth GPS

Link It – Lite and $2.99 full version


Link It is a fun puzzle game in which you must activate beams of light from one pearl to another. The object of the game is to position various pearls, while avoiding other obstacles, into an arrangement such that no beams leave the screen and that all beams return to the green pearl.

Link It Pro

LittlePhoto – A free application


LittlePhoto is a nifty way to capture and edit photos on the fly. If your Android does not have a dedicated camera button, LittlePhoto will designate the volume buttons as the camera button. This option is quite handy if don’t like to touch the screen to take a photo. There are many editing effects, frames, and tools available to enhance your existing or new photos.


Ride Hopper – A lite and $1.00 full version


If you or your family plan on taking a trip this summer to an amusement park be sure to not leave behind this app. Ride Hopper is a great app to save some time at the park by displaying the wait times for various attractions. Submit your own wait times with confidence because only visitors in the park may submit by limiting the submissions to patrons based on GPS proximity. Get show times and park hours of operation. There are many countries supported and hundreds of parks to choose from.

Ride Hopper

WebMD – A free application


If you or a loved one contracts and acute or chronic issue WebMD will be there to help. WebMD is able to help determine the condition by choosing from a list of symptoms. Find a physician in your area and get detailed information about the medications you or your family is taking. Remember that WebMD is only a resource and should not be substituted for an actual medical doctor.


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