White iPhone 4 Thickness Issue Production Inconsistency?


Shortly after the White iPhone 4 was released came a new wave of rants and critics regarding the thickness of the new Apple smartphone with several reports flooding in of it being 0.2mm thicker than the original, classic, black one. Apple’s own Philip Schiller tweeted that everything’s junk and that in fact the two models are of the exact same thickness.

Consumer Reports measured the two versions and did in fact confirm that the two smartphones measure the exact same dimension in thickness. The caliper, as opposed to pictures, can’t lie! But then again, TiPb has also measured the two smartphones and their caliper doesn’t seem to lie either when it shows the White iPhone 4 being thicker than the black.

So what’s the truth here? Is there a tolerance when it comes to dimensions? There’s a notice on Apple’s website saying “actual size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process” but we’re talking U.S. iPhones here. Is there a difference between production batches? That would mean there’s a pretty severe production inconsistency. Or was it only regarding the first batches? We like to rule out the possibility of pre-production units as it’s not the case.

If you have a white iPhone 4 and have the possibility of comparing it to a Black one — or even measure it — leave us a comment below for us and others to see what this is all about.




Source: Consumer Reports

Via: PhoneArena

Image: Engadget, TiPb

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