Amazon Fires Back at Apple in ‘App Store’ Lawsuit, Quotes Steve Jobs


Apple sued Amazon at the end of March for using the trademarked “App Store” denomination to describe its own application store and, in response, Amazon joins Microsoft in firing back at Cupertino.

When Apple initially filed for trademark on the App Store name, Microsoft strongly objected saying that terms like “app store”, which describe a general concept largely used, cannot be trademarked. Nevertheless, Apple got the trademark and has sued Amazon for using the same terms, even though Amazon’s version is a single word, “Appstore”.

Amazon has fired back at Apple in the lawsuit and called Apple’s claim for trademark on “App Store” baseless. Additionally, to its defense, Amazon quoted Apple’s very own CEO, Steve Jobs, who referred to competition’s application markets using the generic term “app store”. The quote comes from last fall’s Apple quarterly conference call and it goes like this:

So there will be at least four app stores on Android, which customers must search among to find the app they want and developers will need to work with to distribute their apps and get paid. This is going to be a mess for both users and developers. Contrast this with Apple’s integrated App Store, which offers users the easiest-to-use largest app store in the world, preloaded on every iPhone.

Whether the trademark was wrongfully granted or not is another story but Apple is trying to pressure the court in ruling for a preliminary injunction barring Amazon from using the Appstore denomination. Amazon is currently opposing and the court is yet to rule.

Source: Geekwire, Filing

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