Android Application Weekly 22 Apr 2011


In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that will entertain, help you score those hard to find tickets, and learn how stuff works. To download these directly to your Android smartphone or tablet just take a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner to be taken directly to the Android Market.

Cordy – A free application


Cordy is an adventure puzzle game in which you must navigate your little robot through the levels to collect items and unlock doors. Position objects in various ways to open doors, activate switches, and more. There are 12 free levels and other levels may be purchased in the app.


How Stuff Works – A free application


The How Stuff Works app contains a plethora of articles explaining how many of the commonly used items of our day work. There are over 30,000 articles on the How Stuff Works app and many added every day. View daily quotes, information, and even watch the How Stuff Works TV shows.


Pushroll – A free application


From the same developers that brought us the popular Bubble Blast comes Pushroll. The game is simple enough in design, yet very challenging in execution. Push the little characters into other characters to knock them off the screen when you have pushed all of the characters off the screen you move onto the next level.


Robot Unicorn Attack – A paid for app that cost $0.99


Adult Swim, from Cartoon Network, has been developing games for iOS for years and has now taken on the Android platform. Robot Unicorn Attack has been a very popular game for iOS for quite some time now. The object of the game is to maneuver the Robot Unicorn over and through obstacles while trying to survive. There are three lives (wishes) to start with in which use must gain the highest score possible before crashing into something or falling off the screen.


Stubhub – A free application


Stubhub will help you locate and purchase those hard to find tickets. There are sporting event, concerts, and theater tickets which may be purchased directly from your Android smartphone or tablet. View the seating of the venue to make sure you are getting the best seat for your money.


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