Android Boosts Advertising, iOS Brings More Revenue: Study


Millennial Media, a mobile advertising company that publishes a monthly report on mobile device trends revealed some interesting marketing statistics in their March newsletter. iOS is shown edging out Android in revenue generated from app sales by a good margin, while Android demonstrates a solid lead in garnering the highest number of advertising impressions. Neither mobile operating system comes out the clear winner, with benefits on both sides depending if you are an app developer trying to maximize income, or a business trying to get more eyeballs to your advertising.

Smartphone OS MarketShare2

In terms of raw numbers, iOS pulls in 47% of the total revenue generated from overall mobile app sales, while Android pulls behind at 36%. For an application developer, this shows Apple’s iOS to be a stronger platform. On the flip side of the coin, Android garners 48% of overall ad impressions, while iOS trails behind with 31%. For a business wanting to reach the most users with it’s advertisements, Google’s Android has the strongest showing here.


BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, and Palm make up the remainder of the pie, pulling in just over 17% of ad revenue combined, and 20% of ad impressions. Looking at the current market share growth, we see Android growing at a higher rate month-over-month vs. iOS. Providing these growth rates remain the same, Android could be seen overtaking iOS in app revenue soon.

Source: Millennial Media

Via: All Things Digital

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