BlackBerry Storm 3 Reappears in Verizon System?


There have been quite a few recent leaks of potential BlackBerry Storm 3 handset candidates. Today we seem to have some alleged clarification that the Blackberry Storm 3 will actually be the BlackBerry 9570.

A picture supposedly taken of the screen from a Verizon Cellebrite machine clearly shows the model 9570 followed by the words “Storm 3”. (A Cellebrite machine is used to swap contacts from an old phone to a new phone in-store, when buying a new handset).

The Blackberry 9570 looks like being an incremental upgrade to the Storm 2. From the information that we know, the main difference will be the amount of RAM and a switch away from the SurePress touchscreen.

The RAM upgrade to 512MB is significant as this handset is rumored to be running OS6 which needs 512MB of RAM as a minimum to run.

The SurePress screen will likely be replaced by a straight forward capacitive touchscreen.

Source: phoneArena

Via: BGR

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