Rumor: T-Mobile and Verizon Offering Unlimited Plans Soon?


Some leaked images of internal documents brought to us by TMONews and Droid-Life reveal that T-Mobile and Verizon may be planning to bring us new unlimited plans. Verizon’s offering looks like it may be limited to feature phones running on pre-paid plans with the “Mobile Web” terminology, while T-Mobile’s plan will be available to users of smartphones as well. With AT&T not currently offering an all-inclusive unlimited plan, this could be seen as T-Mobile trying to raise it’s user base ahead of AT&T’s pending purchase of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile’s unlimited plan will be available April 13 at the price point of $59.99, and features “truly unlimited data”, unlimited minutes, and unlimited text. The plan must be paired with an “Even More” or “Even More Plus” account and is an individual line promotion only. A significant point to note is that data will only be at high speed up to 2GB, at which point it will be throttled until the end of the billing cycle. The 2GB throttle point is lower than previous throttling limits on T-Mobile, which were set at 5GB.

verizon unlimited plan unleashed

Verizon’s plan runs a bit cheaper at $50 per month, but due to the wording it may not apply to smartphones, but feature phones only. The unlimited plan offers unlimited minutes, text, and mobile web. The plan is available to pre-paid customers on monthly, daily, or per-minute subscription plans. The majority of unlimited features are available only to monthly customers, with per-use and per-day prices being offered to daily and per-minute subscribers.

Source: TMONews, Droid-Life

Via: BGR

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