April Fools: Android on Airport Slot Machines, One Rooted Running CM7


For those in the custom ROM scene CM7 is big news. In addition to having a huge number of smartphones on their list of officially supported devices, other equipment such as the NOOKcolor and even some slot machines have gotten the CyanogenMod treatment.

One tipster who works for a repair company that services slot machines recently had a bank of machines come through his shop with “interesting” circuit boards inside.

“They came in with a intermittent grounding issue that was causing problems with the display on machines. The problem was easy to locate and fix, but the boards were unlike any we’d seen come through the shop before,” said our source, who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity.

The board in question had certain microchips by Qualcomm that had a striking resemblance to those found in current Android-powered smartphones and tablets. After a little more digging it turns out the operating system on the unaffected boards was a modified version of Android 1.6. What’s more, once the grounding problem was fixed it turns out one of the machines was actually running CyanogenMod 7 RC1.

“From what I can tell, the grounding problem was actually a result of how the guy that did this was able to get root on the machine.”

While we’re certain that Android could make a robust OS to run just about any app (in this case a slot-machine style game), the fact that it was so easily hacked makes us wonder if it was done in an attempt to rig a large payout for the hacker.

What do you think? Is Android secure enough to run slot machines? Would you gamble your hard earned money away on an Android-powered device? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Anonymous

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