Pocketnow Dream Phones: Joe’s Connectorless Superphone


Pocketnow Dream Phones is a new series where Pocketnow.com editors get to work with a professional artist to design our own dream phones. Introducing the PN4: Joe’s “Connectorless”, Android-powered Smartphone!

Form Factor:

After trying nearly every form factor out there, there’s one that is just right for me: the mini-tablet. Once the screen reaches a certain size, physical keyboards become a novelty more than a necessity.

At 4.4-inches the PN4’s screen is big enough accommodate even the largest hands via an on-screen keyboard. To make objects on the screen even more realistic the PN4’s screen is equipped with the latest in 3D technology, making things appear to pop off the screen — and no bulky 3D glasses needed! To top it all off, the PN4’s screen stretches nearly edge-to-edge.

PN4 2 Small

Just in case you need to input a lot of text, the PN4 includes a dual-configuration laser keyboard to facilitate rapid text entry. When in landscape orientation the PN4 can project a full-size keyboard onto the table in front you. When space is limited, simply rotate your phone into portrait mode and the laser keyboard is split in two, with half projected on both sides of the phone, saving space and giving you an ergonomic typing experience as well.

When the phone isn’t on a table, one of the laser projectors can be re-purposed to project basic information onto a surface in front of you. For example, when travelling and needing directions, navigation instructions and basic graphics can be thrown onto a map, the sidewalk, or a even a wall. If you want to exchange business cards with someone, you can project a QR code of your business card for quick and easy scanning. An API will be available for developers so they can extend the functionality of the laser projectors into their apps and widgets.

PN4 4 Small

At just 8mm thick and weighing only 5.48 ounces some may think the PN4 might be difficult to hold. Thanks to the concave edges encircling the phone providing a unique gripping surface, that’s not an issue.

Perhaps the most notable characteristics of the phone it what isn’t there: the Pn4 has only two buttons. The single “action button” on the front performs multiple functions. It’s a power button, a multi-colored notification LED, the action button, and a scroll-pad. The other button on the phone is a volume-rocker on the top-left side of the phone.

Operating System:

Since the PN4 is a mini-tablet it runs the latest version of Android: 3.0. Users will have the option of choosing between the smartphone GUI and the new Honeycomb tablet GUI, modified to work on the smaller screen.


The PN4 features not only a 3D screen but also dual, stereoscopic 8MB cameras with dual-LED flash. This lets you take 3D pictures and shoot full 1080P video in 3D.

As you can imagine, HD 3D takes a lot of processing power! The PN4 has you covered with a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor (with dynamic clocking built-in), and 1GB RAM to keep things running snappy.

The PN4 comes with plenty of storage space, in two configurations, 32GB and 64GB. If that’s not enough, the phone supports a microsd card up to 64GB.

Looking for a USB port? Charging port? Headphone jack? HDMI port? You won’t find any on the PN4! DNLA can stream audio, video, and even your photo gallery wirelessly via Wi-Fi, and music sounds great when played over stereo Bluetooth. To charge the device you can use the integrated thin-film solar panel on the back of the phone, or connect to USB or power via the magnetic omni-port.

PN4 3 Small

Of course, sometimes cables are nice, so the PN4 includes a magnetic omni-port that lets you charge, tether, use a wired headset or headphones, and even plug into your TV via HDMI. This comes in handy when plugging the PN4 into a desktop or car dock — no intrusive connectors required!

Stay tuned for another edition of Pocketnow Dream Phones, plus a contest where one Pocketnow reader will be able to design his or her dream phone!

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