Add a Solar Panel to Your Smartphone


Earlier today I presented the PN4, my super-awesome dream phone featuring a solar panel on the back. Apparently I wasn’t thinking creatively enough!

A French startup called “Wysips” was showing off a solar panel at CTIA. Unlike most solar panels you’re familiar with, this one is virtually transparent and is designed to sit on top of your cell phone’s screen. What this means for smartphone users could be significant.

While your phone is off and sitting on your desk (or anywhere else there is light) your battery will be trickle charging via the light that it converts into electricity. Even when you’re using your phone the photovoltaic solar panel will be harvesting what light it can and pumping it into your battery.

While this won’t supply all the power that you need to run your phone, it will help extend the amount of time you can use it before having to find an outlet to recharge.

Although what was shown at CTIA currently looks like a “FrankenPhone”, you can’t find the technology on any phone today. Wysips is reportedly looking for suppliers and partners, and other than marketing literature on the box and improved battery life, you probably won’t be able to tell whether a phone has this technology or not.

Wysips, if you’re reading this, I would love to be involved in whatever testing you need to have done!

Source: Engadget

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