Kyocera Shows Off Four New Design Concepts


Kyocera is taking advantage of the 2011 CTIA wireless expo to demonstrate four of it’s newest design concepts. A stark departure from the current trend, these designs seek to blur the lines between biology and technology, becoming more integrated with the individual holding it. Some of the designs appear to be rather unwieldy however, looking more at home in an art gallery rather than in your pocket.

kyocera emotive

Emotive – “70% of how we communicate is through our non verbal body language. This means only 30% of our intended message is conveyed through telecommunications. Realizing the nuances of unspoken communication, these surfaces morph to physically convey emotions to the call recipient.”

kyocera biomimicry

Biomimicry – “Bone forms reveal how nature provides strength and structure while minimizing the use of material. Studying nature’s best ideas and imitating these designs and processes helps to solve human problems. Biomimicry inspires housings with form, negative space and expression. A polymer battery laminated with polytronic technology, provides the structure of this device.”

kyocera ceramic

Ceramics – “Kyocera has a long tradition of innovation and expertise in advanced ceramics. This concept applies that expertise through ceramic housing, exploiting the material’s natural strengths to deliver a pure acoustic sound experience.”

kyocera gesture

Gesture – “Observing hands and how we use them leads to unique design opportunities. By intuitively predicting the desired usage mode based on how it is held, this device stays one step ahead.”

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