AT&T Knows You’re Tethering From iPhone, Enrolls You To Plan


If you’re an iPhone user that jailbroke his smartphone you most probably know about the application called MyWi that will allow you to tether your iPhone’s Data Connection wirelessly to a computer.

Turns out that AT&T not only knows about you tethering on your jailbroken device but they allegedly sent out a couple of text messages and emails to users letting them know that, well, tethering requires a tethering plan.

The email sent out states that the carrier’s “records show that you use this capability, but are not subscribed to our tethering plan“. Even more, AT&T wants to enroll you to the proper plan if you don’t choose to do so yourself: “<...>we’ll plan to automatically enroll you into DataPro 4GB afterMarch 27, 2011. The new plan – whether you sign up on your own or we automatically enroll you – will replace your current smartphone data plan, including if you are on an unlimited data plan. If you discontinue tethering, no changes to your current plan will be required.

Let us know if any of you got similar text messages or emails as well as your opinion on the issue. Tethering is definitely useful in all those situations you need to access Internet on a non-internet enabled (even if temporarily) device. Truth is we think the only way AT&T (and other carrier) can learn about you tethering without a plan is the increased data consumption over the regular, smartphone usage. There’s your tip!

Source: modmyi

Via: TiPb

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