Windows Phone 7 App Roundup 1 Mar 2011


In this episode of the Windows Phone 7 App Roundup we demonstrate five applications in 30 seconds each. These apps will entertain, allow you to watch on demand TV shows, and control your PC from across the house. To download these apps directly to your WP7 device, just click on the title of the application and the Zune software will automatically launch to the app in Marketplace. If you have the free Microsoft Tag app installed on your WP7 device just snap a picture of the Tag image and the mobile Marketplace will navigate to that app.

MoTweets – A lite and $0.99 professional version


MoTweets is one of the best Twitter clients for WP7. The app allows you to update your status, send direct messages, share photos, and even shorten URLs. Add your location to the Twitter feeds to let friends know exactly where you are.

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PC Remote – A free application


PC Remote is a great app that allows you to control your PC from anywhere in the house on the same network. Just download the PC Remote Server software, install it on the PC, and begin controlling practically anything from your WP7 device.


BitBop – A free trial and $9.99 a month


BitBop is a very useful app for anyone that wants to watch TV shows and movies on demand. The program has hundreds of shows and thousands of movies available to be watched over a 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connection. The media may even be downloaded to the WP7 device so you will be able to watch it even if you are outside your coverage area.


Frog Log – Lite and $0.99 full


Frog Log is a simple game that is both challenging and quite addictive. The object of the game is to place logs in the water and balance various types of frogs on the logs to prevent them from drowning. Be aware of other obstacles like the beavers that will try to steal your logs.


Bye Bye Brain – A lite and $1.99 full


Bye Bye Brain is one of the best games available for WP7. The story behind the game is that people all over the world are tired of their cellphones not having enough signal. So the cell carriers begin pumping the cell towers to the max. Unfortunately this has a catastrophic effect on the people and turns their brains into mush, which causes them to become zombies. The object of the Bye Bye Brain tower defense style game is to prevent the zombies from entering the safe house.


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