Phones from MWC Hit Amazon Preorder, Are Expensive


With nearly a dozen new phones announced at Mobile World Congress, you might be curious as to when the new devices will land, and perhaps more importantly, how much they’re going to cost. Most of the devices will hit Europe first, where citizens are used to paying higher non-subsidized prices for new smarpthones, so keep that in mind when you peruse the prices below:

Xperia Play: 649 EUR ($882 USD)

Xperia Arc: 599 EUR ($814 USD)

Xperia Neo: 479 EUR ($651 USD)

Wildfire S: (299 EUR ($406)

Desire S: 499 EUR ($678 USD)

Incredible S: 519 EUR ($705 USD)

HTC Flyer: 669 EUR ($909 USD)

Several of these phones are bound to show up on US carriers at lower subsidized prices (like the Xperia Play on Verizon), but probably not until several months after they’re released unlocked in Europe.

Source: Phandroid

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