Rumor: Dell Roadmap Shows More WP7, Dual-Core, qHD


Dell’s Venue Pro may have had a rough launch, but the company seems unfazed as it gets ready for its next wave of smartphones, at least according to a leaked timeline of the company’s tablet and smartphone goals for the next year. If the information therein proves accurate, we’re looking forward to a somewhat-tweaked Venue Pro, a brand-new WP7 model, and a pair of dual-core Androids.

The first of these rumored smartphones is the Venue Pro MLK, with “additional features and enhancements” over the original model. The phone’s hardware is likely to go unchanged, with these updates arriving as new WP7 software. Presumably, you’ll be able to make the same updates to existing Venue Pros, so this designation is more for Dell to keep track of things than for you to worry about. The phone is likely to include the first WP7 update, and may add extra Dell software as well. It should get here by the beginning of summer.

For a proper new WP7 smartphone, there’s the code-named Dell Wrigley. The hardware isn’t that far off from the Venue Pro, also packing a 1GHz CPU and a four-inch WVGA display. The most intriguing information we have on the Wrigley is that it’s noted as running WP7 “Next Gen”. That sounds like Microsoft’s Mango update to us, and Wrigley’s late-summer release coincides with the software’s expected availability. We’re still curious, though, how Dell intends to make this phone stand out from the Venue Pro, presumably also getting Mango this year.

In early fall, Dell reportedly plans to release its next Android smartphone, a landscape-mode QWERTY slider identified as Hancock. The phone will have a four-inch screen like the WP7 models, but with a higher qHD resolution. Thanks to a dual-core processor, Hancock should be able to handle full 1080p video recording. Dell expects the phone to run Android Ice Cream (it notably has left out “Sandwich” from its materials), so we can look forward to some of Honeycomb’s features making their way to the handset.

A little further on into fall, Dell could be ready to release its Millennium, another Android Ice Cream model. This one looks like a straight-up slate construction, but otherwise sharing many of the specifications of Hancock. Dell notes its compatibility with DLNA-compliant devices, setting it up for use as a wireless media center.

As always, treat this unofficial information with the appropriate degree of skepticism, but on face value, it looks like a pretty exciting year’s in store for Dell.

Source: Android Central, WP Central

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