Verizon iPhone 4 Launch Fails To Gather A Crowd


I’ll admit I waited the whole day before I believed this. The Verizon iPhone 4 was launched today to the masses, but wait, the mass never made it to the launch! CNET TV and others reported early on how lines outside flagship Apple Stores in New York City and San Francisco didn’t go beyond 20 customers, even though the stores were packed with Apple employees in blue, and even police barricades outside some stores to avoid the inexistent pandemonium.

So hey, Verizon customers waited four years to get the phone, and now that it’s live, nothing happens? Many are attributing the slow launch day to the low temperatures many cities had to endure this morning. Others assume Verizon customers waited so long, that one or two more days of wait won’t hurt. I’d say three different things are to blame:

1. The iPhone 5, 4S or whatever they call it. Apple’s yearly cycle of device changes is just five months away from becoming a reality. Apple totally missed out on current technology by leaving LTE out of the mix of their new CDMA iBaby, and let’s not add dual core processors to that mix. So yeah, why pick up last years technology when you’re just a couple of months away from a sure refresh?

2. A better pre-order strategy. As sold-out as it was at such an early period of time, nobody, and I mean nobody is gonna take shipping for granted in these temperatures. Let’s face it, the AT&T iPhone 4 launch was a mess. Sure the media loved all those crazy lines of people trying to get a new iPhone, but in customers’ terms, that’s what we call terrible service. We sure hope Apple got the memo and this is just a clear confirmation that things worked this time. We’ll need to see their initial sales figures to rule that one true though.

3. Another thing we’d leave on the table is timing. Everybody had already depleted their holiday spending dollars when Verizon and Apple chose to announce the device. Rumors of Apple pushing the iPad 2, or a probable iPad 3 launch for September’s Music event make all the sense in the world. January and April are just not the best months to sell things. The smartest thing to do is announce in the fall and have everybody go crazy over them on Black Friday and the rest of the holidays. I wonder why they forgot about that little detail for this launch.

Via: Engadget

Image Source: TheRealTimer

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