T-Mobile Nexus One Wi-Fi Calling thanks to CM7


Despite what endless television commercials try to tell you, cellular coverage isn’t perfect everywhere. Those pesky radio waves bounce, scatter, bend, and are even blocked by just about anything. Not only that, sometimes their signal just doesn’t make it out to your neck of the woods — or into your dorm room or office building.

Some carriers offer what’s called a “femto-cell”, an itty-bitty cell phone tower that plugs into your internet connection and should provide full bars when you’re under its umbrella.

T-Mobile doesn’t do that. Instead they offer Wi-Fi calling on some of their Android-powered phones, notably the G2 and myTouch 4G. This optional feature lets you make and receive phone calls over a Wi-Fi internet connection, seamlessly. Sure, those calls count against your plans minutes, but so would calls over their cellular network.

But what of the Nexus One? Why can’t you do this on the Nexus One? Simply put, T-Mobile hasn’t pushed an update that enables it — and probably won’t.

Recent builds of CyanogenMod CM7, however, include this feature in their Nightly builds. If you’re adventurous, and want to give Gingerbread a try, you can flash the latest CM7 Nightly on your Nexus One and get Wi-Fi calling, plus lots of other cool stuff on your phone today!

Nightlies, it should be noted, aren’t “stable” builds, and there are known bugs. However, I’ve been running CM7 Nightlies on my T-Mobile G2 for 31 builds now, and other than a few hiccups, I’m loving it!

Source: Drippler

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