Hitachi Announces New 4.5-inch IPS LCD HD Smartphone Display


Hitachi announced today its new top-end display in the smartphone market, a 720×1280 4.5 inch in-plane switching (IPS) liquid crystal display (LCD). The clarity of this new LCD bests that of the Apple Retina display, which also utilizes IPS technology. The retina display is slightly edged out with it’s pixel density of 326 pixels per inch (ppi) – Hitachi having a pixel density of 329ppi.

IPS displays are widely regarded as one of the best technologies available for an LCD display, providing superior image quality and viewing angles. Hitachi has many years of experience working with its IPS technology, having developed it in 1996.

Comparing specifications, Hitachi’s new LCD boasts an improved contrast ratio at 1,000:1 vs. the retina display’s 800:1 ratio. Both panels sport a ~160 degree viewing angle, thanks to use of IPS technology. Apple does not disclose the brightness of its retina display, but DisplayMate Technologies ran some tests on the display yielding 536cd/m², which bests Hitachi’s claim of 500cd/m².

Both displays offer the full range of 24 bit color, at 16.7M possible color values. Apple also does not disclose the color gamut of the retina display, but the same DisplayMate tests clocked it at 64 percent of industry standard sRGB. The new Hitachi LCD boasts 70% of CIE (1931) color gamut. These standards are not directly comparable, but sRGB is designed to match the gamut of a typical monitor, whereas CIE is designed to match the gamut of human vision. This suggests that the Hitachi LCD display would provide superior color reproduction.

Hitachi will be demonstrating its new IPS LCD at the SID international symposium, seminar, and exhibition at the Los Angeles convention center, May 15 – May 20, 2011.

Source: Hitachi Displays

Via: Engadget

Image Credit: Mobile Crunch

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