Broadcom Rolls Out Range of Components


Broadcom announced today a new 3G baseband processor, the BCM21654 HSPA Processor. The new baseband processor is aimed at lower end Android 2.3+ devices, and is capable of 7.2Mbps downstream. Also introduced is the BCM28150 HSPA+ Processor, aimed at high end devices and capable of 21Mbps downstream, the BCM47511, a standalone GPS chipset, and the BCM2076, an integrated Bluetooth/FM/GPS chipset.

The BCM21654 is a standalone baseband processor, and must be paired with other chipsets (such as an application processor, and GPS chipset) in order to form a full platform. A smartphone’s baseband processor handles the cellular communications, such as data, SMS, and voice traffic. It also handles multimedia processing such as video encoding/decoding, image processing, and display graphics. The BCM28150 is a fully integrated baseband and applications processor, with a built in BCM4329 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/FM chipset, BCM47511 GPS transceiver, and VideoCore IV vector processing unit.

The lower end model (BCM21654) supports 640×480 video at 30 FPS, a 12 megapixel camera, and WVGA dual displays. The higher end model (BCM28150) features a dual-core ARM9 CPU running at 1.1GHz, simultaneous WVGA and 1080p HDMI output, multiple 20 megapixel cameras for stereoscopic 3D, and 1080p video at 60 FPS.

Broadcom also announced today the BCM47511, Broadcom’s new GPS chipset which adds support for GLONASS, the Russian equivalent to the U.S. GPS system. GLONASS operates 21 satellites which complement the existing 30 U.S. satellites, extending coverage and providing more accurate navigational acccuracy. Broadcom’s Assisted GPS (AGPS) network coverage has also been upgraded to support aiding data for the new GLONASS system.

The new BCM2076 BT/GPS/FM combo chipset supports Bluetooth 4.0 and FM+RDS/RBDS in addition to the capabilities of the BCM47511 chipset. It is capable of offloading MP3 and AAC decoding from the application processor, increasing the overall speed of the platform when processing audio.

Source: Broadcom

Via: PRNewswire

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