Is Android 2.4 Gingerbread, too?


We’ve seen reports of Android 2.4 in the wild. Back then people thought Honeycomb might be Android 2.4, and were suspecting that this was an internal OEM Honeycomb release. Most of these have been brushed off as being a “misconfiguration”, reporting the OS version as .1 up from what it actually is.

If news from Viewsonic is correct, Android 2.4 not only is real (though not yet publicly released), it’s also still Gingerbread — not Honeycomb, not Ice Cream Sandwich.

Presently only Google’s own Nexus S comes pre-packaged with Gingerbread, leaving us to wonder what’s taking everyone else so long to release a Gingerbread device. Even more worrisome is why Google’s own Nexus One still hasn’t seen an update to 2.3 as was previously promised.

Perhaps it’s because Google is readying a full-point revision to Gingerbread — from 2.3 to 2.4. It’s been done before. When the DROID Original first came out it was running Android 2.0.1 Eclair. Other devices skipped this version of Android entirely, jumping to Android 2.1, also Eclair.

Pocket-lint was recently told by Viewsonic that its recently announced ViewPad 4 smartphone will be running Android 2.4. Not only that, 2.4 is still Gingerbread, it just contains extra bits that will allow it to work with new features that will be found in apps developed to take advantage of Honeycomb.

“It’s to ensure compatibility with dual-core apps (…) it will still be called Gingerbread.”

The ViewPad 4 is due out this April, which implies other devices based on Android 2.4 should be available around the same time.

Source: Pocket-lint

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