HTC Thunderbolt Pre-Order Available, Launch Date Pushed Back?

The HTC Thunderbolt has had a pretty tumultuous pre-release, first rumored for release on February 24. Then came a tweet from Verizon, stating the release “may be sooner than we expected”. Later, Best Buy announced a February 14 release on Facebook, quickly pulling the announcement. Today, Best Buy announced the ThunderBolt’s pre-order availability in their weekly ad circular, with no mention of a launch date beyond “coming soon”.

Droidattic then posted a screenshot detailing the immediate pre-sales availability, and showing a February 14 launch date, coinciding with Best Buy’s pulled Facebook statement. The ThunderBolt seemingly refuses to be pinned down however, with droidforums administrator Miami1683 passing along the information that the device has been delayed another 2 weeks until February 28th. What is the reason for the delay? To have a 2 week buffer after the iPhone 4’s release. He further adds that he will post a slide Monday as evidence for the delay.

At this point the only thing that seems certain is that we can expect the ThunderBolt at some point in February – and the more adventurous of us can pre-order it today.

Source: droidforums, droidattic

Via: phonedog

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