Possible Dell Venue Pro Fix Voids Warranty


You may have already heard about many Dell Venue Pro customers having issues with their devices freezing while downloading files or apps over WiFi. For a video on how to reproduce the problem and see if you’ve got it, check out our post here. One customer has posted in the Dell Community forum that replacing the microSD card that comes with the Dell Venue Pro has solved the problem. “zeevDVP” has replaced his with a Sandisk class 2 32GB card and 8GB card and reports that both have solved the freezing problem. Matthew Miller of ZDNet has even replaced his microSD card with a 32Gb version and reports no issues with freezing at all.

ZeevDVP’s instructions for replacing the MicroSD card are as follows:

Note: Replacing the micro SD card in a WP7 device is not supported by Microsoft or Dell and will void the warranty of your Venue Pro (on the other hand seeing as the only thing the warranty is good for is replacing your faulty device for yet another faulty device, it might not be such a big deal).

Follow these steps to replace your micro SD card:

1. Fully sync your phone with Zune, replacing the card requires hard-resetting the device (essentially formatting it).

2. Go to “Settings->about->reset your phone”, click “Yes” for both questions, then just as the screen goes dark (as the phone is going for a restart) remove the battery.

3. Replace the micro SD card. The card slot is located next to the SIM card slot and covered by a black warranty sticker, you’ll need a tool like a very small flat head screwdriver or a safety pin to remove the card as it’s not spring loaded (again, since it wasn’t designed to be user serviceable). You can see the location of the card slot here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weOg1dzPmU0 (if you don’t want to watch the whole thing skip to 3:00 to see how to remove the card)

4. Reinsert the battery and power up the device. You’ll be presented with the welcome screen guiding you through the initial device setup and you’re done.

Note that while the problem seems to be caused by a faulty SD card, not every off the shelf micro SD card will work for you. e.g. the off the shelf class 4 16GB Sandisk card did not work for me (it proved more stable than the original Dell supplied card, which incidentally is also a Sandisk class 4 16GB, but still presented the occasional freeze).

The card I’m using now is a class 2 32GB Sandisk card (Sandisk part number SDSDQM-032G-B35) which seems to be stable (plus you get 32GB :) )

Source: Dell Community

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