HTC HD2 Getting CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread


HTC makes great hardware, they have ever since the Pocket PC days. They make Windows Phone devices. They make Android devices. Although they do customize some of their devices with their own home-grown UI, they pretty much just make devices.

Some of their devices look very similar to one another, for instance, the HD2 and the EVO 4G. Sure, they run different operating systems, have different innards, and run on different carriers, but you can’t help but notice some similarities.

The HD2 was a little ahead of it’s time. Microsoft’s latest operating system for phones was Windows Mobile 6.5 — but Windows Phone 7 was right over the horizon. Most hoped that they’d be able to upgrade to WP7 as soon as it was released. They were wrong.

Due to various “hardware limitations”, an official WP7 upgrade was doomed. The limitations? The lack of a physical button for the camera was one. The hardware itself is very capable of running WP7 — as custom ROMmers have discovered.

Android was also ported over to the HD2 though various rips and and ports — but there wasn’t much along the lines of custom ROMs from the official Android source: the AOSP. That’s about to change.

The CyanogenMod team has recently added the HTC HD2 to the list of supported devices — and preview builds are beginning to surface. These preview builds are also known as pre-nightlies, and are nowhere near release candidates yet. The fact that the HD2 is on the “supported” list, however, is very promising, and I won’t be surprised if we have an official, stable CM7 Gingerbread build for the HTC HD2 sometime this Spring.

Source: XDA-Developers

Thanks: @TheDeadCPU

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