BLUE SK-i Advanced CHT 2.0 Theme for Windows Phone 6.5


CHT 2.0 for Windows Phone 6.5 has been receiving various graphical tune-ups lately via themes from XDA. Well, Dunc001 has put together a theme that not only brings forth fresh graphics, but also new widgets and links for the popular HTC Sense mod. According to the creator, Blue SK-i is not your typical theme, as it’s actually meant to showcase the flexibility of CHT. To enhance the user experience, he added new widgets, quick links and free links; he also edited core CHT widgets, lua and mode9 scripts. If you dig the look and adjustments, head over to XDA-developers for the files. The theme-maker also supplied extensive tutorials and other documentation to help with the setup process, so be sure to thoroughly read through them if you plan on taking the plunge.


– (New) Page Switch quick/Free link set (vertical bar on left side of Home screen)

– (New) All People (Contacts) quick/free link

– (New) Calendar (Month View) quick/free link

– (New) MinimalWeather widget

– (New) Extended background widget set (7 in total – user definable)

– (New) Friends screen

– (Edit) CHT standalone weather widget – 3rd layout option added

– (Edit) BL Weather widget

– (Skin) HD Mini lock slider and notification icons

– (Skin) Manila lock slider

– (Skin) CHT music widget

– (Skin) CHT standalone clock

– (Skin) Quick/free link icon frame

– (Skin) Page indicators

– (Skin) Softkeys and dock

– (Skin) Toggle switches and icons

– (Skin) Email and SMS widgets

– (Icons) for lockscreen quick launch of dialer, camera, and several other apps

Source: XDA-developers

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