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What’s the difference between a “blogger” and a “journalist”? Not much these days. Even what’s been referred to as “mainstream media” (MSM) is getting into blogging as a distribution medium. I’m not going to turn this into a “blogging = good; MSM = bad” article. Suffice it to say that I feel blogging is a legitimate way to report news and information. (The quality and veracity of that information is debatable, but so is content from the MSM.)

That having been said, being able to report and publish information “from the field” immediately as it happens is changing the way we look at world events. No longer is news filtered through the eyes of an editor, or publication of information delayed to the point of irrelevance — well, not all news.

To report quickly from almost anywhere, all a person needs is a smartphone with a data connection. Luckily there are a couple Android applications for that!

Blogger by Google

Blogger is Google’s blogging platform. It’s easy to set up, fairly customizable, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge or expertise. You don’t have to have your own webhost, or even your own domain name to be able to publish to your own blog on Google’s servers.

Up until now, posting information to your Blogger blog from your Android wasn’t all that easy, and it had to be done through your web browser. Recently they released the first version of their app which lets you compose and upload articles on your phone directly to your Blogger blog.

Not only that, if you need more time, you can save your progress as a draft to finish later. You can upload images from your Gallery. The app even integrates into your “share via” menu’s to let you post various types of content directly to your blog.


WordPress has been one of the most popular blogging platforms since the medium was created. Not only can you install the application on your own webserver at your own domain, you can also sign up for a hosted site (very much like Blogger), which makes getting started significantly less technical.

There is an official WordPress app for Android which offers pretty much all the features of Google’s Blogger app, but also lets you moderate comments, and even see your traffic statistics.


Both apps are free in the Android Market.

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