What Would Honeycomb Look Like on Android Smartphones?


We were all pleasantly impressed to see what Google has in store for us with the tablet version of their Android OS, codenamed Honeycomb. Our joy was quickly squashed when we started to get the impression that Honeycomb would be “tablet-only” — no smartphones would be getting the OS.

While this has severe implications for developers, it’s end-users that are left scratching our heads. If Honeycomb is going to be Android 3.0, and only for tablets, what’s next for smartphones?

That’s what got pocketnow reader George A. thinking. He and I talked about Honeycomb not coming to smartphones, and then he got thinking. Right away he threw together a rough mock-up of what the Honeycomb UI could look at on a smartphone. It was rough, but all the parts were there, and it looked like something that could really work.

Then he took things to the next level, creating a Flash-based demo of what he’s calling HiVE Launcher, which demonstrates:

– Clickable Google Search

– Clickable Voice Search

– Clickable Apps

– Clickable Add

– Clickable Notification Bar

– Scrollable Widgets

To view the demo in your desktop browser, head over to PRiSMAPiXEL Designs. To see what it would look like on your phone, try this link (Flash required).

Overall, I’m impressed. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: PRiSMAPiXEL Designs

Thanks: George A.

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