Motorola Droid Bionic, Atrix 4G Suffer Pre-Release Power Issue? [Update]


Motorola is soon to come to market with the impressive Droid Bionic, and the even more impressive Atrix 4G. Trusted HowardForums insider kbman posts that both devices share a common flaw – a malfunctioning Power Management Unit, or PMU.

The faulty PMU causes a number of issues, such as severe overheating; even when the phone is not actively being used. The PMU controls the power for both major CPUs in the phones – the applications processor and the baseband processor. Power fluctuations also occur, affecting radio performance (possibly dropped calls, bluetooth and gps reception issues) and causing unreliable power-on at bootup.

Because the PMU is a separate chip from the system-on-a-chip (SoC) and other integrated chipset (IC) units provided by other vendors, kbman indicates this places the blame squarely on Motorola’s design-time decisions. Fortunately, the release date for the Atrix 4G is expected to be just over a month away on AT&T, with Bell Canada receiving it later in the month; giving Motorola some time to fix these issues at the eleventh hour.

Another trusted insider, Winston25, says that he expects the PMU issue to be solved prior to release, so it would only affect pre-release devices. However, the issue is still alarming as we are so close to the expected launch dates for these devices.

Update: Electronista contacted Motorola spokesperson Juli Burda to inquire about the issue; she replied that there was no “overheating problem” with the devices and that they would ship “as scheduled”.

Source: HowardForums

Via: electronista

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