Latest WP7 Jailbreak Enables Zune Syncing for HTC


Have you unlocked your HTC WP7 device using ChevronWP7 and found it re-locked after syncing with Zune? XDA user thesecondsfade at has an interesting thread going about keeping your HTC WP7 device from locking itself after using the ChevronWP7 app to unlock. This program uses some of the same methods that the ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager uses to add ringtones to your device.

Rather than add ringtones however, it accomplishes this goal by using TouchXplorer to copy a provisioning XML, or “ProvXML” file to the device. The ProvXML is named CustClear.xml, and is loaded by running HTC Connection Setup, which runs as a privileged application. HTC Connection Setup executes CustClear.xml as part of its normal operations, and implicitly trusts this file.

The modified CustClear.xml used in this hack changes the WP7 registry to redirect the communication with Microsoft’s developer services servers back to the phone itself. Since the phone is not running the expected developer services server, it is never able to reply with the re-lock command.

XDA user DanielNTX has added further information to the thread about how to fix an issue that can occur as a result of using this hack; the inability to unlock with ChevronWP7 after being re-locked.

Note that Microsoft is expected to change the way developer unlocking is handled in the next update to WP7; ChevronWP7 will not likely work at all at that point, and a new unlocking method will need to be devised.

Source: XDA-Developers

Via: Engadget

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