Android Application Weekly 21 Jan 2011


In this episode of the Android Application Weekly we demonstrate some apps that will keep you entertained, help your keys cards stay organized, and stay up to the minute on your customized news tickers. To download these directly to your Android device just take a picture of the QR-Code using Google Goggles or any other QR-Code scanner to be taken directly to the Android Market.

Astral Commander – Lite and $2 full


Astral Commander is a task handling game in which you are in control of many objects on the screen. The object of the game is to delegate which robots should pick up the various mines. When your robot is saturated with energy move it off the screen to score more points. Be careful not to crash your robots together because you only have a limited number of lives.

Astral Commander LITE

Pulse – A free application


Pulse is a fantastic news application. Add your own personal channels and the feeds will update automatically. Stay in touch with the world that you want to know about.


Wordfeud – Lite and $3.23 full


Wordfeud is a very addicting Scrabble clone in which you may play against your friends on random opponents. Score the most point to win, larger words get more bonuses, and keep a keen eye on those triple letter and triple words scores. This game is similar to the very popular Words With Friends on iOS.

Wordfeud FREE

X Construction – A free application


X Construction is a puzzle game in which you must build a strong bridge over a ravine. Make sure to use lots of triangles so your bridge does not topple. If you are a successful builder the vehicle will make it over the bridge.

X Construct

Key Ring – A free application


Are you tired of having those countless shopper rewards cards dangling from your keys or swelling your wallet? Just scan the cards into the Key Ring app and have them saved for whenever you want to save some extra dough. There is even an option to add cards that do not have a barcode by inputting the digits.

Key Ring

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